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6 Reasons Why You Should Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways

Last Updated On:  December 27, 2023

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Greece is the dream destination for island hopping as it is home to countless islands located fairly close to one another. It is like a treasure box full of unique and diverse islands, each with its own distinct character and appeal. From the popular islands of Santorini and Mykonos to the lesser-known gems of Antiparos and Ano Koufonisi, every island invites you into a world of varied cultures, architectural wonders, and local cuisines.

Rich in history and mythology, Greece offers more than just scenic landscapes. As you hop from island to island you will explore ancient ruins, discover historic churches, stumble upon old monasteries turned into restaurants and so much more.

Yet, the journey through the Greek Isles is not just a feast for the history buff, it’s a culinary adventure as well. The food is just as diverse as the landscapes and is an essential part of the experience. Indulge in freshly caught seafood, the richness of the olive oil, the tang of feta cheese, and the savory delight of moussaka.

Most people put together their own itinerary and end up staying 2-3 days on each island. Usually, this is the case for us too as we like to fully immerse ourselves in the culture, the sights, and the food, and get a feeling of each place. But when we came across Yacht Getaways we knew that this was not only a unique way to experience multiple islands in a short amount of time, but the perfect way to travel around Greece. I couldn’t think of a better way than traveling through Greece aboard the comfort of a fully decked-out catamaran with a knowledgeable crew to guide us.

We embarked on the Greece Paros Explorer which starts and ends in Paros, but they offer tours all around Greece & Croatia. Click here to check out our stories documenting our 7-day adventure around the Cyclades Islands.

Yacht Getaways truly offers the best bang for your buck. Spend less and see more amidst breathtaking scenery, visit beautiful underrated islands that you’ve probably never heard of, grow closer with your friends and family or make new connections aboard the ship, and learn the basics of sailing all while getting spoiled for a week out at sea.

Yacht Getaways is, in our opinion one, of the best sailing companies in Europe. It is more than just a sailing trip it is the perfect hybrid for those looking for both luxury and adventure, so keep reading if you want to learn more about the 6 Reasons Why You Should Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways. 

6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape


There is hardly a more classy way to explore the Cyclades Islands of Greece than aboard a catamaran (ooh la la). Picture waking up to the gentle embrace of the sea. Your cozy cabin bathed in the hues of sunrise and a slight salty breeze coming through the hatch above. As the sun starts to rise, glide out of the harbor en route for a secret cove or swimming spot only accessible by boat.

The day unfolds with the rhythmic ebb and flow of the Aegean Sea, offering plenty of time for leisurely exploration and refreshing swims in the crystalline waters. The blues of the sea here are nothing short of mesmerizing.

After lunch, snorkeling & paddle boarding, and diving into the turquoise waters, head onto the next island to anchor for the night. Throughout your seven-day itinerary, you’ll drop anchor at 6 different ports—one every night—allowing you to immerse yourself in the unique charm of each island.

The schedule is orchestrated perfectly, bringing you to the islands with enough time before sunset to soak in the island’s ambiance, beaches, sights, restaurants, and more. The nights are yours to explore, eat more delicious food, dance & party, and live life to its fullest, because why not, you are on vacation. If you are feeling really adventurous, wake up early and enjoy some quiet moments taking in the towns before breakfast.

Sailing with Yacht Getaways isn’t just a convenient way to visit the Greek islands, it’s a seamless and stress-free expedition to these underrated islands. No fretting over ferry schedules or flight times, just wake up, relax, and get excited for the next adventure ahead. Many of these gems are small and elusive, with limited transportation options. Yacht Getaways, with its tailored itinerary, unveils the treasures of the Greek islands without constraints, making each day a new chapter in your seafaring voyage.

Not only do you get to see so much more of the islands, you are saving money doing it. If you were to add up all of the ferry/flight costs, the boat tours, the accommodations & food expenses, it only makes sense to go with Yacht Getaways.

Don’t wait any longer to book your adventure with one of the best sailing companies in Europe.

6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape

2. Enjoy the Breathtaking Scenery of the Cyclades

The Mediterranean is known for its picturesque landscapes, with dramatic cliffs sculpted by the sea, golden beaches kissed by the sun, and crystal-clear waters that rival the Maldives. To truly immerse yourself in these breathtaking views, there’s no better vantage point than sailing right through it. From the water, it is such a different and unique point of view, where every wave tells a story, and every horizon is a promise of discovery.

What sets this adventure apart is how many of these magical spots of the Cyclades are tucked away in corners only accessible by boat. This means that you can be part of the lucky few who have the privilege of experiencing these hidden gems.

Picture yourself anchored in a secluded cove, where the only sounds are the gentle lapping of the waves against the hull of the ship and the distant hum of nature, a privilege reserved for those who choose the aquatic path less traveled.

The magic doesn’t end when the sun sets. beneath the vast, crystal-clear Milky Way, the gentle lull of the sea rocking you slowly to sleep. Then, as the first light of dawn paints the sky, awaken to the most surreal sunrises, a daily spectacle that feels like a private performance made just for you.

This is the epitome of the ultimate water holiday. It’s an invitation to dive into the azure embrace of the Cyclades Islands, where the day unfolds with refreshing swims, moments of relaxation, and the exploration of beautiful islands as the sun dips below the horizon.

Whether you seek the thrill of adventure or the tranquility of serene landscapes, this sailing journey on Yacht Getaway promises an unparalleled fusion of both.

6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
The Temple of Apollo, Naxos
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
Naoussa, Paros
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape

3. Explore Underrated Islands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

When you think of the Cyclades Islands, iconic names like Mykonos, Santorini, and Milos naturally come to mind. However, there are so many more to discover. Over 220 more to be exact. The sheer number might feel overwhelming, but don’t worry, Yacht Getaways has meticulously selected each island on their itinerary, many of which remain undiscovered by the mainstream traveler.

What I loved the most about arriving at some of the islands on our itinerary were their names, most of which I couldn’t even pronounce. Embarking on this adventure through the sea, you’ll find yourself enchanted by these lesser-known islands, each boasting its own charm and wonder.

Imagine stepping into quaint villages adorned with narrow cobblestone streets, where every twist and turn reveals a new chapter of Greek island life. The typical Greek island architecture, characterized by white-washed buildings adorned with vibrant colored doors and window shutters, paints a picturesque scene against the backdrop of the clear blue skies and turquoise blue waters. It’s a scene straight from a postcard, inviting you to step back in time and immerse yourself in the authenticity of the undiscovered.

What makes each island truly special is its unique character, a subtle blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Some islands may surprise you with ancient ruins and archaeological wonders like the Temple of Apollo in Naxos, while others boast pristine beaches tucked away from the tourist crowds. Yacht Getaways has done the legwork of selecting these underrated gems, ensuring that your journey is one for the memory books.

So sit back, relax, and let the rhythmic waves guide you to these undiscovered paradises. It’s not just a voyage; it’s a curated experience that promises to redefine your perception of the Greek Isles. Get ready to witness the magic of islands you never knew existed, where every stop is a chance to create your own story amidst the timeless beauty of the Aegean Sea.

6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape

4. Learn The Basics of Sailing While Traveling With Experts

Yacht Getaways is dedicated to ensuring that your 6-night voyage through the Cyclades is not just a trip but an extraordinary experience. They are committed to assembling an exceptional and qualified team, ensuring your safety, and guaranteeing that every moment of your journey is nothing short of exceptional.

Beyond the promise of a safe and enjoyable journey, this trip is a unique opportunity for those who have the desire to learn the art of sailing. This is your moment to dive into the world of sailing, guided by an experienced skipper (the captain of the boat). Imagine mastering the intricacies of dropping anchor, tying knots with precision, distinguishing between the port and starboard sides of a ship, hoisting sails, and steering the vessel through the mesmerizing Aegean waters. The learning experience goes beyond the basics—whatever aspect of sailing intrigues you, simply ask, and your dedicated skipper will gladly share their wealth of knowledge.

Our skilled skipper, Martin, was not just there to navigate the seas, he was our personal instructor, ready to share the ropes—quite literally. Martin taught us right from the get-go, how to drop and raise the anchor, making us in charge of this the whole trip. What might seem like a task becomes an enjoyable insight into the unique lifestyle aboard a sailboat. Even if you’re an experienced sailor, these seasoned skippers always have something new to offer, giving you the option to learn and grow if you so please.

Yacht Getaways is a holistic journey where safety, adventure, and education seamlessly intertwine, leaving you with not just memories of breathtaking sunsets over the Aegean but also newfound confidence and understanding of the maritime world.

6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape

5. Spoiler Alert: Get ready to be spoiled.

Are you ready for some serious pampering amidst the Aegean Sea, where your only responsibility is deciding on what color swimsuit to wear, where to go for dinner, and what activities to savor while docked?

From the moment you step aboard, Yacht Getaways ensures that your worries are left far behind. Imagine waking up to the gentle rocking of the boat, with the aroma of freshly prepared breakfast enticing you to start your day. Breakfast and lunch are included daily, with your host showcasing his/her culinary prowess even in the confines of a limited kitchen. Carmel, our host, turned every meal into a masterpiece, a symphony of flavors that, after snorkeling, paddleboarding, and jumping off the boat, were always exactly what we needed.

Every dinner will be on the island where you dock. Whether it’s a sunset beachside feast or a moonlit dinner under the stars, the options are as limitless as the horizon. Our skipper Martin even went as far as to send us a list in our WhatsApp group with all of the amazing restaurants and must-dos of each island when we arrived, so there was really no pre-planning required. Although I do recommend making some reservations for the more popular restaurants in Greece.

So, as you set sail with Yacht Getaways, prepare to surrender to a week of unparalleled relaxation, culinary delights, and the kind of indulgence that turns moments into memories. It’s not just a vacation, it’s a voyage into luxury seamlessly intertwined with adventure.

6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape

6. Meet New Friends or go with your favorite companions

What we love about Yacht Getaways is the accessibility it offers to experience the ocean aboard a catamaran. Whether you’re flying solo, adventuring with a friend, or sharing the experience with your partner in crime, there is no need to charter an entire vessel. All you have to do is book a cabin and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

The magic lies in the communal spirit of the voyage. Depending on the popularity of your chosen dates, country and the season, you may find yourself sailing with a group of up to six other guests, accompanied by an amazing host and a skilled skipper. Alternatively, you might discover that it’s just the two of you navigating the ocean blue, creating an intimate and exclusive escape.

Our personal experience on the Greece Paros Explorer trip was a stroke of luck, as we shared the catamaran with a delightful couple from Australia. Throughout the trip, we forged a connection with them that enriched the entire journey. Yacht Getaways has a knack for attracting like-minded souls, ensuring that you’ll encounter a diverse and fascinating group of individuals from across the globe, so rest assured you will vibe with your fellow sailors.

If you are looking for a more exclusive experience, there is the option to reserve the entire yacht for a private charter. Head out into the Cyclades Islands ( or a trip of your choice) with a group of your favorite friends and family, and share a tailor-made adventure where you dictate the pace and share the experience exclusively with your chosen companions. The private charter is definitely tempting and is most likely what we are going to do next!

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6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
6 Reasons To Sail Through Greece With Yacht Getaways | Bare Escape
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