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We partner with vibrant individuals, who are as passionate about their trade as we are. Our Retreats are created to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul & give you the tools you need to maintain your inner state of freedom and happiness. Our Experiences take you by surprise and present every moment on a silver platter.

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The Moon House at Bambu Indah

Ubud — April 2019

A Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

From $2200 USD pp

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Morocco — 2020


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A Katonah Yoga Retreat

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A Boutique Service for Movement and Wellness Retreats.

Host your next workshop or retreat with us! Do what you are passionate about and we take care of the rest. We are always looking to partner with gifted individuals who want to share their knowledge with others. We work with artists, yoga teachers, photographers, chefs, nutritionists, life coaches and are experts in bringing your vision to life.

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