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The Best And Most Stylish Floor And Wall Mirrors To Transform Your Space

Last Updated On: October 13, 2022

Do you need change? Are you looking for a way to transform your living room or bedroom? Sometimes all a room needs is a floor or wall mirror. This small addition will to not only change the overall vibe of your room but also bring in light and the illusion of more space.

Below I am sharing 11 of my favorite floor and wall mirrors I came across while searching for the perfect mirror for our new home. I figured since I am already doing the research, why not combine all my finds into one blog post to make it easier for those of you who are currently on a similar design journey.

P.S. If you have found any incredible mirrors that you think should be added to this list then please share your findings in the comment section below. I will be happy to add them and credit you!

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Color: Brass

Dimensions: 70"L x 30"W x 0.5"D

Price: $998

Looking for a little bit of romance mixed with a touch of new vintage? This is an eye-catcher you won’t get tired of looking at or looking into.  With its undeniable curved features and flat bottom edge, this traditional metal-framed floor mirror makes for the perfect accent piece for entryways, dining rooms, or your bedroom. I almost went with this mirror from Lulu and Georgia for our bedroom, but then I found the Gleaming Primrose Mirror, which you can find below if you keep scrolling.

Our home favorites

Color: Gold, Silver, Antique Black

Dimensions: Choose your size 3’, 5’, 6’, 7’

Price: $498.00 – $1,548.00

This mirror was love at first sight. I know it comes with a high price tag, but I personally think it’s worth saving up for. While I would always prefer a vintage mirror over this new-age vintage piece, its resemblance is unbeatable. This vintage-inspired mirror not only comes in various sizes but also different colors to bring a touch of nostalgia to any room. Lean it against a wall, position it over a fireplace mantel, or hang it next to your entryway. Wherever you put it will be a guaranteed conversation starter. After a lot of back and forth, I decided on the Gold Gleaming Primrose Mirror 6′ and have no regrets. It was just what I was looking for with the perfect width & height as well as an overall glamorous look to enliven the bedroom.

Color: Bronze, Black, Silver

Dimensions: Wall Mirror 41"H x 24"WFloor Mirror 60"H x 24"W

Price: $298.00 – $548.00

The iconic Adelaide Mirror by Anthropologie has been quite popular amongst fashion bloggers and interior lovers and I don’t blame them. It’s a vibe. This classic arched design will bring your room to the next level and give it just the right amount of feminine flair.  No matter what size or color you choose I can see this mirror spicing up not only your bedroom and powder room but any hallway.

4. Horchow: Sophia Rectangular Dressing Mirror

Color: Gold

Dimensions: 20"W x 61"H

Price: $216.99

This might just be the most romantic mirror I have ever seen and you can’t beat the price! Pictures don’t even do this mirror justice as it is surprisingly tall with a decent width. This vintage-inspired mirror features an antiqued golden, hand-finished frame and will turn your room into a living fairytale. Get it while it is on sale, it is honestly such a steal.

Color: Brown, Black, White

Dimensions:  31.75"w x 1"d x 67"h

Price: $279

As you can tell I am a sucker for the golden mirror aesthetic, but this simple farmhouse-style full-length mirror is the perfect addition to any space. Framed in natural mango wood this mirror is sturdy and just the right size to get a good look at yourself. The best part about this mirror is that each one is unique because of the natural materials used.

Color: Gold

Dimensions: 98"H x 55"W x 3"D

Price: $1,969.99

This vintage-inspired statement piece will transform your room into a royal dream. I know you are probably asking yourself who would spend $2K on a mirror, but have you seen how intricate the woodwork is? This mirror is not for the little princesses but the queens, a one-of-a-kind dressing mirror that can either be leaned against the wall or hung up.

Color: Brushed Brass, Matte Black

Dimensions: 25.5"W x 67"H

Price: $359 (only available in Europe)

Need a leaning floor mirror, but torn between simple or statement? Look no further. The Arles Arch mirror by Made is an eye-catcher. Its seamless shape and elegant look fits in almost every room. Choose between a brushed brass or matte black finish. This mirror will never go out of style.

Color: Antique Brass

Dimensions: 22"w x 17.6"d x 65.7"h

Price: $499

Not everyone is looking for a leaning floor mirror, so how about this simple yet classy folded standing mirror. This piece doesn’t require any mounting hardware, just assemble and go, giving your walk-in closet or entryway a clean and elegant look. The rounded antique brass frame fits almost any design.

9. Pottery Barn: Gilded Bamboo Frame Floor Mirror

Color: Black

Dimensions:  28"w x 68"h x 1.5"t

Price: $799

This rounded stunning floor mirror will reflect loads of light to brighten any space. The graceful arch keeps it interesting and the rounded corners which have been hand-painted in matte black will add a modern look to your interior design.

10. Amazon: Full-Lenght Gold Mirror

Color: Gold

Dimensions: 1”d x 22”w x 65”h

Price: $159

This simple yet elegant full-length golden mirror can either be wall-mounted or enjoyed free-standing giving your room a more grounded look. It is the perfect addition if any hallway or bedroom.

11. Anthropologie: Wooded Manor Mirror

Color: Brass

Dimensions: Choose your size on website

Price: $248 - $548

This classic set of mirrors from Anthropologie will bring a vintage-inspired touch to your space. Choose between 4 different woodland creatures carved at the apex of the mirror, each with a different size and shape depending on your preference.

Our home favorites

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Best And Most Stylish Wall And Floor Mirrors To Transform Your Space | Bare Escape
Best And Most Stylish Wall And Floor Mirrors To Transform Your Space | Bare Escape

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