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4 Simple & Timeless Valentine’s Day Presents For Her For 2023

Last Updated On: October 21, 2022

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If there is one thing this past year has taught us, then it is to celebrate and nurture the relationships with those we love. As Valentine’s day draws near, get your Valentine something simple yet timeless. Whether it is her favorite care product, jewelry, or our recommendation, the gift of travel, it is the thought that counts. Scroll down to read more about our 4 simple and timeless Valentine’s Day Presents for her for 2021.

I would also like to take a moment and say that just because you might not have a Valentine doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. I think that all singles should be using Valentine’s Day to practice a little self-love. Why not treat yourself to that pair of sexy lingerie, a pit-stop at your favorite bakery, or that body lotion that smells so good? I am almost 100% convinced that in order to find the perfect Valentine one must first learn to accept and love oneself.

4 Simple & Timeless Valentine's Day Presents for | Bare Escape
4 Simple & Timeless Valentine's Day Presents for | Bare Escape

1. Curate your own Beauty Care Package for her

I would say there are around 3 different types of women when it comes to make-up. The ones that know all about it. The ones that care about it, but are honestly overwhelmed by the number of products on the shelves that they usually give up and stick to the bare minimum. And last but not least the ones that don’t care at all and by not at all, I mean the ones that are not picky and try different products whenever they need something. If the product works, great, if it doesn’t that’s okay too.

No matter what type of woman your Valentine may be, she will always welcome products that she either loves, needs, or can save for later. Also, the fact that you took the time out of your day to go online shopping or pick out a product in a store to curate a thoughtful Valentine’s present is everything. It shows that you care, that you know what she likes, and that you feel like she deserves to be pampered.

Your Beauty Care Package could include bath bombs, a scent that you like and would love to smell on her (testers are always a great idea if you are not sure what scent she prefers), a candle, massage oil, body scrub, lotion, and her favorite candy.

Feel free to change the name from Care Package to Valentine’s Love Package!

4 Simple & Timeless Valentine's Day Presents for her for 2021 | Bare Escape
4 Simple & Timeless Valentine's Day Presents for | Bare Escape

2. Make her feel sexy with some Lingerie

I know this is cliche’, BUT, I am telling you from experience, a girl will never say no to beautiful lingerie especially if she doesn’t have to pay for it. “No thanks, I don’t like lingerie that makes me feel sexy and loved”, said no one ever.

Because let’s be honest, most of the time when we go to the lingerie store and look at all the beautiful lace bodysuits and silk underwear, we feel like we don’t even deserve it, not yet. Maybe after we lose those 3 pounds or maybe after we get that promotion.

Also what girl has the money to just casually, for no reason at all, spend $80 on a Victoria Secret Robe or sexy lingerie which in reality is absolutely impossible to wear on a daily basis. Why? Well mostly because it’s sexy and almost nothing sexy is made comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis except for Jeans, they really made everything right.

Long story short, who thought it was a good idea to tell our men that they have to be more creative and buy us something else than sexy lingerie.

If you are not sure what she likes or her size, write her a card and tell her you are going to take her lingerie shopping. She might be disappointed at first that your Valentine’s present is as small as a card but when she reads it, she will be the happiest Valentine alive. Because now, not only will she get sexy lingerie, but also another date.

4 Simple & Timeless Valentine's Day Presents for | Bare Escape
4 Simple & Timeless Valentine's Day Presents for | Bare Escape

3. Find her a piece of Jewelry she will love

Girls already love jewelry, but they love it even more when it has meaning. Gifting your Valentine a piece of jewelry will forever remind her of you, when she puts it on in the morning and when she takes it off before she goes to bed. There is a reason jewelry is often used as a symbol of love as it is precious and eternal.

I agree that gifting jewelry can be a hit or miss, so if you are unsure, choose something more neutral and basic. It doesn’t have to be the most extravagant piece of jewelry. Maybe a simple pendant is just what she was looking for. However don’t worry too much about which piece to gift her, the thought and effort you put into gifting her this particular piece is what truly counts. So in reality you can’t go wrong.

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4 Simple & Timeless Valentine's Day Presents for her for 2021 | Bare Escape
4 Simple & Timeless Valentine's Day Presents for her for 2021 | Bare Escape

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